Blind retrieve Search

   This is guiding a dog to a bird that it did not see fall through the use of voice, whistle blasts, and body movements such as hand signals. Requires teamwork between the dog and handler.

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  • Blind Planter Search —    This is the person who places a bird or bumper at a designated spot for a blind retrieve …   Hunting glossary

  • Poison Bird Search —    A mark the dog must ignore until after he completes the assigned task, usually a blind retrieve. It is fairly common in the FT and upper levels of HT games to see this concept. It’s call poison because it is considered a failure to retrieve… …   Hunting glossary

  • Force to a Pile Search —    An extension of Force Fetching. Pressure of some sort is applied in association with a command to go. Helps to create the obligation upon the dog to so when sent to a blind retrieve. When done properly, a dog can develop dependable and… …   Hunting glossary

  • Handling Search —    Working a dog on a blind retrieve or stopping a dog and handling him on a mark if he needs direction to help locate the bird …   Hunting glossary

  • Indirect Pressure Search —    The dog is given a correction on one command for failing to perform another task. An example would be when a dog fails to take a cast on a blind retrieve such as the angle back cast; the dog drives “over”. The dogs is stopped on the whistle… …   Hunting glossary

  • Cast Search —    To give the dog a specific direction through the use of hand signals and/or body movements to direct a dog’s path to a retrieve. Used commonly on blind retrieves …   Hunting glossary

  • Diversion Search —    A distraction, of some sort, including but not limited to a bird, a dry shot, poison bird, a person moving, talking, yelling or walking, etc. that may throw a dog off his course on a mark or blind. Tests switching, or dropping. Tests a dog’s… …   Hunting glossary

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